Submission Results

I submitted to some intense anal fucking today and it resulted in 5 orgasms, which is 2 more than my record of 3. She always rewards me when I submit to her. She kept her D in my A while using a vibrator on my clit, and she refused to move until I orgasmed repeatedly. Finally, after much begging and pleading, she let me finish and proceeded to move onto her own beautiful orgasm. An orgasm where she, so boldly, did not break eye-contact with me for a split second.

Why Submit, Why Dominate? Questions Answered.

This is a question that comes to many minds: “Why the hell would I submit to another person?” It is a great question.

It certainly isn’t easy giving yourself up to another human being, even in a non-DS relationship. Placing trust in another person to love you and care for you is hard, especially when most of us have been burned a few times throughout our lives.

So, why submit?

My mate is a hero who protects people and protects me. She deserves ultimate respect, which she has always demanded. I submit to her authority because she is brave, honest, and kind. I submit because she has earned her place. She has been there to catch me every single time I have fallen. I trust that she will always be there.

Because she has loved me and cared for me the way that she has, I feel honoured to give her my mind, body, and love in return. What she choses to do with me is her prerogative.

What about taking punishments? How can you call that love?

My mate disciplines me when I have broken pre-set rules. I am grateful to have my bad behaviours altered so that I am my very best self. I know she loves me when she takes time to teach me what is and what is not acceptable.

Why dominate?

That’s a great question too. This is what my Dominant says:

“Power. As a Dom, you are in the unique position to create the perfect partner. It’s an opportunity for me to mould you to be specifically for me.”

“Dominance makes you bold and confident.”

“I trust my sub to take care of me when I need her to.”

“It solidifies expectations. She’s conditioned now and I expect her to follow my rules.”

There you have it. A DS relationship is predominantly based in trust, just like all good relationships are.